Neonet Technologies

At Neonet, we provide our clients with a “one-stop” technology department. Whether through our own products and services, or in concert with a select group of complementary technology partners, one call to Neonet will help provide the necessary information, options, and solutions for any technology challenge affecting your business.

About us

What we do

About Us
What makes Neonet unique in the area is the fact that we combine a deep knowledge of all things technological with a finely developed business sense. A business savvy that has been refined over the 10 years we have spent practicing our craft. We pride ourselves in being a team of specialist thinkers with the smarts to incorporate a generalist view.


What we offer

Whether through our own products and services or in collaboration with a carefully chosen cadre of skilled partners Neonet will answer all your technology needs.

The following are the areas in which Neonet specializes to provide you with cost effective solutions.

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Lets Talk
If you have a problem, or are simply curious and would like to hear more about Neonet, then we would love to have you visit. There will be no pressure from this end and absolutely no obligation.

In return, we hope you’ll understand if one of us has to take a call from a client.


Bringing it together.

Buzz words are not something we normally put a great deal of stock in at Neonet. However, just as some clichés become clichés for very sound and valuable reasons, some buzz words earn the right to our serious attention. | The Berkshire's IT Department!


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